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What We Do (Features)

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VernaJune Entertainment is a Michigan based production company started
by Jeffrey Swerdan and is named after Jeff’s two Grandmothers: Verna
Swerdan and June Ackels. The company is dedicated to producing unique,
creative and professional films that have stories that focus on characters with heart.

About Us

Who We Are

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Jeffrey Swerdan

Born in Traverse City and raised in Flint, Michigan, Jeff has been fascinated
with movies since he saw his first film in a theater, on his 7th birthday. After
that Jeff began to develop his love for writing and acting. After high school,
Jeff found himself living in Orlando Florida, working for Walt Disney World
and Universal Studios. During his time in Florida, Jeff would write and
direct his first two short films, and since then he hasn’t looked back.
After returning to Michigan, Jeff continued to pursue his dream of making
movies. Since 2008, Jeff has created over a dozen short films and four feature
length films. Jeff has found his love for writing, creating and telling stories
through film and has also had the honor of producing a number of other
projects including a Star Wars Fan Film Series called The Blood Crystal,
which is now streaming free on YouTube.

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